The directors of Modernist Networks, a consortium of digital projects in modernist literature and culture, invite proposals for digital editions of works spanning the late 19th through the mid 20th centuries. Our site ( contains two very different examples, Notebooks of a Woman Alone and The Lili Elbe Digital Archive.

ModNets has the dual goals of providing a vetting community for digital modernist scholarship and a technological infrastructure to support development of scholarly projects and access to scholarship on modernist literature and culture. ModNets aims to promote affiliated digital projects; to offer peer review based on content, conception, and technical design; to provide editorial and technical support; to evolve standards and “best practices”; and to maintain a system for the aggregation of scholarly resources in the field.

Proposals for editions should provide the following information.

1. Name, institution, and contact information for the editor(s).

2. Publication date and copyright status for the primary work being proposed.

3. A brief description of the work and a rationale for the digital edition.

4. A short account of the platform or tools that will be used to develop the edition and/or the technical support needed beyond hosting and long-term preservation.

Please see our Peer Review and Submissions guidelines at Projects ready for peer review can be submitted via our Google Form ( Proposals can be submitted at any time to one or both co-directors, Pamela L. Caughie ( or David Chinitz (, and will be reviewed by members of our advisory board (