Using the Site

Create a MyModNets Account

Click “Create new account” and add your information.


Using MyModNets

Once you have created an account, you can save content, posts, and other information, as well as create new exhibits or groups.


When you log into MyModNets, you are taken to your main account page. From here you can open “Edit Profile,” where you can change your personal information and reset your password.

Once you have collected objects from the index, your “Recently Collected Items” will appear below your profile info.

In the right-hand column, you will find your saved searches, tags, discussion posts, exhibits, and groups. You can also create new exhibits and start or join groups.


If you go to the “My objects” subpage, you can view your tagged, collected, and exhibited objects.


Saved Searches

To save a search you have made to your MyModNets page, just select “save search” on the search results page.


You will be prompted to give your saved search a name, and then click “Save”. This search query will be saved by that name on your MyModNets page.


Adding Tags

One of the easiest ways to contribute to ModNets is to help us add tags to the content in our index. These tags will help other users find interesting objects, as well as allow us to see what kinds of things are being researched or discovered in our indexed collections.

On the homepage, you’ll see a sub-group of the most recently used tags. You can see the objects associated with any of these tags by clicking them.


While you are browsing or searching, you can easily add tags to one or more items directly from the search results area.

Make sure you are logged into your ModNets account, and then search or browse for the objects you want to tag.


In this example, we have searched for “West, Rebecca”. In the search results area, we can now choose to add one or more tags to an individual object by selecting “add tag”, or we can tag a group of objects on this page of results by using “tag selected”.


Select either “add tag” for individual object or “Tag Selected” for multiple objects, and then enter your tag in the dialog box that opens.

You will be prompted with a list of previously used tags that begin with the same letter(s) as you type. Click “Save” when finished.

Your tag will now appear within the object’s “Tags” metadata field, as well as on the list of recently used tags on the homepage. If you click on the tag, it will now take you to the search results that include all objects with that tag. To see a list of all tags, not just the most recently used ones, you can go to


Please contact us at with questions and suggestions.