The Notebooks of a Woman Alone added to ModNets' Peer-Reviewed Projects

The Notebooks of a Woman Alone added to ModNets’ Peer-Reviewed Projects

ModNets is pleased to announce the aggregation of a new peer-reviewed resource: The Notebooks of a Woman Alone ( The Note Books of a Woman Alone is a critical edition of the 1935 text edited by Ella Ophir and Jade McDougall. This little-known work provides a window into the experiences of Evelyn (Eve) Wilson, an editor’s chosen […]

“Reading Modernist Cities”

“Reading Modernist Cities” (RMC) is a digitally augmented text platform for teachers and researchers of literature. The platform allows for two specific ways of interaction: reading and creating. At the most basic level, RMC acts as an enhancement of print and ebook versions of texts. In its present, prototype iteration, RMC texts are drawn from […]