“Reading Modernist Cities”

“Reading Modernist Cities” (RMC) is a digitally augmented text platform for teachers and researchers of literature. The platform allows for two specific ways of interaction: reading and creating. At the most basic level, RMC acts as an enhancement of print and ebook versions of texts. In its present, prototype iteration, RMC texts are drawn from Project Gutenberg‘s public domain literary corpus. These texts are then edited by content experts to include culturally relevant (and open access) images, sounds, films, and historical material. As an open source tool, RMC is now moving into a second phase of development in which it can also be used by researchers, instructors, and students interested in augmenting their own texts. This spring 2016, RMC is entering the beta testing phase. If you or your class are interested in testing out the platform please email Melissa Dinsman, project P.I., at

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