The Notebooks of a Woman Alone added to ModNets’ Peer-Reviewed Projects

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ModNets is pleased to announce the aggregation of a new peer-reviewed resource: The Notebooks of a Woman Alone ( The Note Books of a Woman Alone is a critical edition of the 1935 text edited by Ella Ophir and Jade McDougall. This little-known work provides a window into the experiences of Evelyn (Eve) Wilson, an editor’s chosen pseudonym for the real “Woman” of the title whose real name is no longer known. As Ophir’s editorial introduction to the work explains, whoever Eve was, her writings present a special perspective on the literature, culture, and social life of England from about 1913-1934:

As an unmarried woman supporting herself and living on her own, Wilson did not fit into the established frameworks of family and social life in her era. She was not a wife, a widow, or a mother; nor was she a daughter caring for a parent, nor an aunt in a married sibling’s household. Of necessity she worked for her living, but she was not among the pioneering professional women of her generation who defined themselves by their careers. She was dislocated even from the class structure: economically she was no longer part of the middle class in which she grew up; culturally she did not belong to the class below.

Wilson’s project of self-documentation was spurred in part by her awareness of the historical novelty of her schemelessness, which was also a new and uncharted freedom.

The Note Books are fully text searchable in the ModNets index, down to the individual page level. Thanks to Jon Bath, the technical lead of the Note Books project, who generated the full text RDF for indexing.


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